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Chokecherry Tea Tin by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 26302


  • Made in Montana
  • 20 Tea Bags Included
  • Wild Chokecherry

Montana Huckleberries grow wild in Montana, along with a wonderful amount of Wild Chokecherries! This semi-tart yet flavorful berry is a favorite among locals and visitors world-wide. With 20 Tea Bags, you have the opportunity to start your morning off 20 different ways! Whether you're down for the count with a cold, or need a tiny kick for the morning, Wild Chokecherry Tea is worth your tasting!

Huckleberry Haven is locally owned and operated out of Kalispell, Montana. A stones-throw from Glacier National Park and the Canadian border, this tea comes from a place of elevated standards and elevated tastebuds. Grab a tin today and let your mornings become something to look forward to!   


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