Dean Crouser Horizontal Plaque by Demdaco (3 Designs)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 77214


  • Dean Crouser Watercolor Art
  • Crafted from Ceramic
  • 3 Design Options Available

Bring nature indoors with one (or all) of the Horizontal Plaques from the popular artist, Dean Crouser! These plaques are carefully hand-crafted from ceramic and offer a delicate but impactful aesthetic addition to your home!  

Dean Crouser, an artist local to Oregon, is well-known for this colorful, nature-inspired watercolor artwork.  Dean Crouser states that his "adventurous childhood fostered a love of the great outdoors", this passion for the outdoors heavily influences his art that typically features a variety of wildlife and/or foliage.  Whether you share a similar passion for the outdoors or are just looking to spice up your space, get your hands on the Dean Crouser Horizontal Plaque by Demdaco!