Just Bee Lip Shimmer by Just Bee Cosmetics (6 flavors)


SKU: 76997


  • 100% natural
  • Made in Illinois
  • Color is naturally derived from minerals

Looking for all-natural, cruelty-free body products, especially lip balm, can be a real struggle. Look no further than the Just Bee Lip Shimmer by Just Bee Cosmetics. Hand-crafted in small batches by a husband and wife in Illinois, they're dedicated to providing high-quality relief for dry skin, dry lips, and other ailments of the skin. They keep all of their own bees, following the traditions started by their grandfather. Every lip shimmer includes naturally gathered beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic safflower oil, and a bevy of other natural ingredients.

Their goal is to work in harmony with nature to create products that you can feel good using while they make you feel good! This includes the color of the lip shimmers. These glosses are subtle, so you won't get a slather of overly intense color, just enough to give your lips a little glisten in the sunlight. By using minerals, you're sure to get something that won't overdry your lips like harsh dyes or additives might. Just Bee Cosmetics cares about the environment, but they also care about you! Feel that care on your lips with the Just Bee Lip Shimmer by Just Bee Cosmetics.