Travel Size Goat's Milk Lotion by Windrift Hill (7 scents)


SKU: 78239


  • 2 oz size
  • Made in Montana
  • Uses fresh goat's milk

Have you ever wondered why goat's milk is all the rage in body products? You'll find out once you use this Travel Size Goat's Milk Lotion by Windrift Hill! Made in Conrad, Montana, the Maier family owns and operates their very own goat farm. Home to over 40 Nubian goats and their babies, the herd is milked twice daily to ensure the freshest of milk is used in their body products. Once the milk is collected, they blend it with natural clay oxides, herbs, and oil to create their fantastic Montana-made lotions.

All of their scents are inspired by the beautiful outdoors of Montana. Plus, Windrift Hill has worked hard to perfect their lotion formula. It's quick-absorbing and doesn't clog your pores so you get moisturized, silky skin every time you use it. In the travel size, it makes this lotion super easy to bring along with. You can stash it in your purse, leave it in your car, or even carry it with you on the plane. And coming from Montana, we know the value of having a good lotion because it is so dry here. So, get ready to fall in love with the Travel Size Goat's Milk Lotion by Windrift Hill.