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Prairie Rose Cowboy Wedding Cake Topper by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 62500


  • Materials: hand-cast resin
  • 6" wide and 5.75" tall
  • Around 1 pound

We have become the exclusive seller of the Prairie Rose Cowboy Cake Topper by Demdaco. Crafted from hand-cast resin, the Prairie Rose cake topper adds a western touch to any couple's special wedding day. With a romantic design of a bride leaning down from her horse to give her other half a smooch, it's no wonder why this cake topper is a favorite here in Montana. 

Demdaco believes every product creates a conversation. Creating love through conversation and being a part of the connections made through giving is something that Montana and Demdaco have in common! We don't create those moments, but we aspire to make them a little better!

Make sure you have a fun celebration at the wedding. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Adam Rossow
Above and Beyond My Expectations

Montana Gift Corral went Above and Beyond My Expectation.

I had been shopping for a cake topper for a month or so, my fiance and I had a very specific one. I found that I could get it for 5 or so dollars cheaper on amazon. after reading the many reviews on amazon.com, I was really worried about purchasing it. We almost gave up. (I love amazon.com)

Instead, I did what I never do, googled others that may sell it also. found a few other places but they left a bad taste in my mouth. didn't make me feel comfortable even though I could save a few bucks.

I decided to call Montana Gift Corral and guess what... a human answered on the first ring and it was a real customer service rep. I explained my concerns about the quality of the product and she offered to send me photos of the one she had in her show at that moment. I was taken aback.. it is rare to deal online and receive such consideration.

The photos she sent me crossed out any doubt the bad reviews on amazon had created. she even offered without me asking a coupon code for 15% saving. which brought the original price even below amazon prime.

less than a week and the item is here. it is PERFECT!! It will also be displayed in out home after the wedding!