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Dean Crouser Wood Ornament by Demdaco (6 Styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 85933


  • 6" in diameter
  • Made from mango wood
  • Leather hanger

Dean Crouser watercolor artwork is some of the most beautiful you will find, and these Dean Crouser Wood Ornaments by Demdaco are no exception. These unique ornaments aren't just for Christmas! Their bright spring colors make them a great way to accentuate the changing of the seasons. Hang them in a big bay window or near your front door for a fresh pop of color! Or, if you just want some brightness during the colder winter months, these would be perfect for a themed Christmas tree! Because they are made from mango wood, you'll find that these ornaments are more durable and won't scratch as much. This makes them great for high-traffic areas where they might get bumped and jostled a bit. 

Dean Crouser is a prolific watercolor artist, who often doesn't plan his images before they are created. He holds the brush and lets the strokes come to life, allowing the beautiful paintings to unfold before him. Living in Oregon, there is much beauty to inspire Dean's work! Featuring flowers, birds, and other wildland creatures, each one develops a unique personality under the creation of Crouser. He's partnered with Demdaco to make is art accessible to the world, so you can use his stunning designs to brighten up your home. Simple and beautiful, a Dean Crouser Wood Ornament by Demdaco won't disappoint!