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Elk Stainless Steel Hammered Ornament by Art Studio Company (4 Colors, 3 Sizes)


SKU: 73867


  • Crafted from Stainless Steel
  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Designed in USA

Did you know an elk’s antlers – which only grow on bulls – don’t just look cool? They’re made of fast-growing bone and have been known to grow as much as one inch in one day. Wow! That is almost as fast as when these Elk Stainless Steel Hammered Ornaments by Art Studio Company fly off the shelves!  Crafted from stainless steel, this picturesque keepsake will be the perfect addition to your ornament collection. Add this ornament to your holiday tree this year for an instant touch of Montana! 

Art Studio Company, the brand behind this wildlife-inspired piece, is known for its wide variety of nature-themed souvenirs. From canvas totes to ornaments, this company has a great selection of gifts ! Aside from the high-quality products, Art Studio Company is also extremely passionate about partaking in socially conscious practices. In addition to donating a portion of all of its profits to local communities, this company also contributes to the Global Dental Relief!