Metal Dog Ornament by Recherche Furnishings (3 styles)


SKU: 75283


  • 3 different dog breeds
  • Durable
  • Twisted Twine Hanger

We all hold our pets close to our hearts. Some would say that they wouldn't say they are pets but rather furry family members! Decorate your home with your chosen dog breed with these great ornaments. The Metal Dog Ornament by Recherche Furnishings are durable enough to be an indoor or outdoor decoration. Hang it on the Christmas tree or hang it up year round as a symbol of how much you adore your dog!

Recherche Furnishings creates wonderful and fun metal artwork right here in the USA. From large household signs, frames, creative ornaments, and magnets, Recherche is great at making their decor very personable to their customers. These ornaments deserve prime real-estate on any porch front since these ornaments are made with two materials, metal and love!

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