Alteration Mountain Sticker by Blue 84 Stickers


SKU: 75995


  • All-Weather with Vinyl Coating
  • Montana Inspired

This Alteration Mountain Sticker by Blue 84 stickers is a fun way to add color and design to any surface. We love the design of this sticker, featuring a mountain peak. The best part is the combination of the mountain top and the saying "Adjust your Altitude." The play on words gives a tongue in cheek feel to the saying - instead of adjusting your attitude, you can just adjust your altitude. We know how healing being in Montana can be and this sticker does too. 

The best part about these stickers is they are made to withstand any weather. With their vinyl coating, they can be indoor and outdoor stickers. Feel free to add this sticker to your car or ski gear because the vinyl coating will make them last - without losing color or quality. When you buy from Blue 84 stickers, you can trust in their high-quality material and beautiful design to brighten any space you decide to sticker.