Miniscape Sticker by Hydrascape Stickers (4 styles)


SKU: 81061


  • Materials: high-quality vinyl
  • Measures 2" wide and 10" long
  • Made in Washington

It's time to up your sticker game! With a Miniscape Sticker by Hydrascape Stickers, you're getting a durable sticker that's also an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork. Designed and crafted by Gretchen Leggitt, the story of Hydrascape stickers began while she was painting a mural, which is now the largest mural in Washington state. As she was crafting this beautiful graphic piece, so was contemplating art and the scale of everything. She began to wonder what it would look like to do something graphic and beautiful on a larger scale for stickers. Using her own unique style of art, Hydrascape Stickers were born! 

Each of these miniscape stickers is inspired by the wild and beautiful places we love to celebrate in the USA. Choose from a mix of national park landscapes or a classic river scene to decorate your favorite water bottle, laptop, or cooler. The neat thing about these stickers is how versatile they are. You can wrap them around a bottle and even layer them to get a mix of your favorite locales. If you don't want them to wrap, you can easily stick them on flat surfaces to get the full beauty of each design in a single view. No matter where you choose to stick them, you're going to love the Miniscape Sticker by Hydrascape Stickers.