Yellowstone Sticker by Noteworthy Paper & Press


SKU: 78661


  • Measures approx. 3 3/4" x 4"
  • Hand printed and designed in MT
  • Yellowstone inspired design

Did you know that Yellowstone National Park is home to more than 10,000 hydrothermal features and over 500 active geysers? People from all over the world travel to this massive national park in hopes of catching a glimpse of its natural anomalies. If you are as fascinated with Yellowstone National Park as we are, make sure to take a piece of it home with you. To do so, pick up the Yellowstone Sticker by Noteworthy Paper & Press. Put this beautifully designed sticker on your water bottle, bumper, or even your laptop to always remember the fond memories you've created within the bounds of YNP!

Noteworthy Paper & Press, an adorable shop local to Missoula, MT, is home to an array of adorable Montana and nature-inspired keepsakes. Among their variety of cute souvenirs is stationery goodies, of which, stickers are definitely one of our favorites! If you've always wanted a sticker that represents your favorite national park, make sure you don't miss out on the Yellowstone Sticker by Noteworthy Paper & Press!

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