Large Montana Flag by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 34940


  • 3' tall and 5' wide
  • Materials: super-polyester, canvas header, and brass grommets
  • Classic Montana decoration

The United States takes great pride in the American flag and Montanans are no different. This Large Montana Flag by The Hamilton Group would look beautiful displayed outside of your home, no matter where you live! The Montana state flag features some beautiful scenery as well as the state motto, "Oro y Plata", which means "Gold and Silver" in Spanish. Montana's history is rich in mining and at one point, Butte had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the nation. Combined with the visual beauty of our mountains and rivers, and a glorious Big Sky sunset, our state flag commemorates all of the wonderful parts of our state very well.

Hang your Montana flag outside or decorate a wall with this authentic state symbol. It is a full-sized flag and is an excellent way to show your love of Big Sky Country. The Hamilton Group is a Montana-based souvenir company that has been providing souvenirs and mementos since the 1950s. A family-owned and operated company, they design in-house and source all of their unique items to ensure that people have special keepsakes to take home with them on their travels. We love to help travelers to Montana take home special souvenirs like this Large Montana Flag by The Hamilton Group! Bring a piece of Montana with you wherever life takes you!

If the Large Flag is too big for your home, try the Small Montana Flag by The Hamilton Group!