50 Million Years of Whales by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 78087


  • 128 pages
  • Illustrated and authored by Bozeman artist Ted Rechlin
  • Rextooth Studios owned and operated by Ted Rechlin

Give your kids their own deep-sea adventure from home with 50 Million Years of Whales by Ted Rechlin. Not only will kids delight in the illustrated, artistic style of Rechlin, but they will also learn about the interesting history of these giant and wonderous creatures. Sure, we all know a bit about whales and dolphins, but have you ever heard of a basilosauras? Well, you'll learn all about them with your kids in this book! As a prehistoric relative of the whale, there are a lot of facts to be told about this creature, and Rechlin does it in a unique way with a comic-book feel that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Ted Rechlin was born in Bozeman and began his illustrating career at age 19 when it worked for DC Comics. With a love and passion for dinosaurs and a knack for storytelling, he started Rextooth Studios and has produced a range of graphic novels on prehistoric creatures and other large animals. From polar bears to wolves, sharks to dinosaurs, Rechlin's style showcases the interesting characteristics of these creatures combined with loads of information. You'll delight in gathering the kids together and reading his fun selection of graphic novels. Explore the wild side with 50 Million Years of Whales by Ted Rechlin.