Abraham Hunter Peaceful Tranquility Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 74446


  • Dimensions: 4" diameter
  • Material: glass
  • Weight: 1 lbs.

The scene of a red barn along a rolling pasture with a field of horses is a common one here in Montana. There is an air of serenity when it comes to this lifestyle. The Abraham Hunter Peaceful Tranquility Ornament by Inner Beauty is a stunning glass ornament that is sure to bring some rustic peace to your Christmas tree! Although this ornament shows an autumn scene rather than a winter scene, it is still a great hand painted glass ornament to remind you of the beautiful season to come!

Inner Beauty is great at capturing life's beautiful moments and scenes by incorporating images from folklore, traditions and the beauty around them. Each individual work of art is was created by hand painting inside a glass vessel. Since each are painted by talented artists by hand, no two are ever going to be exactly the same. Inner Beauty offers tons of great ornament options from different artists so you are able to find the perfect ornament that speaks to you!

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