Abstract Dangle Earrings by Nature Cast Metalworks (9 Styles)


SKU: 60053


  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted from Hypoallergenic Sterling Silver & Mixed Metals
  • 9 Abstract Designs to Choose From!

Add a bold and unique touch to your style with Nature Cast Metalworks' abstract dangle earrings, handcrafted in the USA with hypoallergenic sterling silver and mixed metals. Choose from 9 abstract designs to express your personality and stand out from the crowd. You won't find a more eye-catching accessory!

One of our favorite jewelers at Montana Gift Corral is Nature Cast Jewelry. This unique company, based in the USA has over 20 years of experience designing and creating high-quality jewelry for the outdoor lovers of the world! These companies' passion for the outdoors and fine jewelry fuel their drive to produce attractive jewelry that stands the test of time. If you've been searching for a lovely new pair of earrings, don't overlook the Abstract Dangle Earrings by Nature Cast Metalworks.