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Agate End #3 by Western Woods Distributing


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  • Shaped in St. George, Utah
  • Crafted from real Agate
  • Each geode is extremely unique. This picture is representative of what the geode looks like, but we cannot guarantee that you will get this exact one.

Sometimes finding those little things that make your house a home to you can be hard, but here at the Montana Gift Corral, we make it easy for you! Now, we can't guarantee that all of these great agates will all look like this one, but we can guarantee that they will all be unique and no two will look alike! The Agate End #3 by Western Woods Distributing features a gorgeous deep blue center of a geode. These great small piece will add a great touch of color anywhere you put them!

With a passion for creating (and shaping) one-of-a-kind gems and keepsakes, Western Woods Distributing operates out of St. George, Utah. Through being committed to offering products of top-tier quality, Western Woods has a specific emphasis on the strength of its amazing customer service experience. From the most ornate kitchens to the simplest living room, Western Woods Distributing has that little touch of decor you need! 

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