American Plains Bison: Rewilding an Icon by James A. Bailey


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  • 264 pages
  • Published in Montana
  • James Bailey is a professor of biology

There are few animals as unique and majestic as the American bison. In American Plains Bison: Rewilding an Icon tells the tale of these animals and answers a range of questions about them. Looking at their journey, he explores their natural evolution, how settlers nearly wiped them out, and how now their fate is domestication. Because that changes the genome of the animal, leading to a smaller pool of genetic diversity and artificial selection. Bailey analyzes 44 bison herds across the United States, specifically zoning in on the area between wilderness and domestication. He takes a range of factors into account including Native American practices, government agency domestication, and commercial bison producers. 

Dr. James Bailey has a rich history in biology as he was a professor of biology at Colorado State University for over 20 years. During his time there, he taught a range of classes such as big game management and wildlife nutrition. While he has now retired. that has not dulled his desire to understand and learn about the American Bison. He's kept his eye on the beautiful animal, particularly the herds of Yellowstone National Park. His extensive book is published by FarCountry Press who has been publishing Rocky Mountain region books since 1980. So if you're looking for a deep read on bison, look no further than American Plains Bison: Rewilding an Icon by James A. Bailey. Also be sure to check out our other interesting wildlife books