America's National Parks Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios


SKU: 78094


  • 500 piece puzzle
  • 18" x 24"
  • Wildlife Inspired

The United States is full of different types of ecosystems, that means various types of National Parks! America's National Parks Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios celebrates the diversity that comes with America's wildlife. From the mountains to swamplands, deserts to oceans, Mother Nature loves to keep surprising us with how resilient and powerful these animals and ecosystems are. Why not familiarize yourself with a fun and interesting puzzle!

Believe us when we say, Rextooth Studios knows their way around wildlife. Whether it be the creatures that lived long ago or the animals that call this planet home right now, Ted Rechlin loves to educate through vibrant illustrations. With a focus on science education, Rextooth Studios loves to show how wonderous the world is through puzzles, graphic novels, and more! 

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