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Apollo Moon MOVA Globe (2 sizes)


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  • 4.5" or 6" diameter
  • strong acrylic stand included.
  • weighs 4 or 6 pounds

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing missions with the Apollo Moon MOVA Globe! This celebrates the Apollo 11's blastoff on July 16 through the mission’s conclusion when the astronauts safely splashed down back on Earth on July 24, along with celebrating the major feats accomplished by the other Apollo missions. The Apollo Moon MOVA Globe uses images of the moon from NASA along with displaying the official NASA 50th logo and mission patches with the mission landing locations.  

MOVA globes are powered by natural light, using solar technology to slowly and silently rotate. This works with either natural light or ambient indoor light no batteries and wires are required. The acrylic base is sturdy and clear, so it won't distract from the globe's beauty. Some assembly of the base required.