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Arched Grotto with Holy Family Under Star by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 76605


  • Made in Bethlehem
  • Hand-carved Olive Wood
  • Arched Nativity Grotto

The day Jesus Christ was born is a day that will be honorably remembered forever! If you've been looking for a meaningful home accent to celebrate the birth of our lord, pick up the Arched Grotto with Holy Family Under Star by EarthWood. Crafted from authentic olive wood sustainably sourced from the holy land of Bethlehem, this piece is as sentimental as it gets. The Giacaman family, based in Bethlehem, carefully prunes olive brands from trees, and hand-carves each grotto, nativity, and ornament from scratch. 

Ibrahim Giacaman, a fourth-generation Christian woodcarver, is partnered with his father, Salem, in running the largest olive woodworking facility in all of Israel! Protecting the olive trees is of top priority for this factory, and as such, trees are pruned instead of fully cut down. This act of sustainability ensures that they will be able to make their lovely Christian inspired designs for years to come!

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