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Arno Goblet by Match 1995


Brand: Match 1995
SKU: 83343


  • 5.5" h, 7.4 oz
  • 100% Luxury Pewter
  • This piece is available for dropship! Email if this is out of stock and you wish to order! 

Elevate any special occasion with the timeless elegance and charm of the Arno Goblet by Match 1995. Handcrafted from 100% luxury pewter, this 5.5" h goblet weighs 7.4 oz and is available for dropship. Create an instant family heirloom with this memorable pewter goblet, inspired by years, generations, and cultures that have come and gone!

This Arno Goblet by Match 1995 is expertly crafted with a special combination of tin, copper, and antimony, resulting in a prized metal with an impressive 95% tin content. Its lead-free composition ensures both safety and durability for the user. Known to be very low maintenance, this piece will hold its beauty for generations to come with a simple polish now and then. With its superb strength and exceptional craftsmanship, this exquisite goblet is a must-have for those who seek luxurious home decor!

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