Arrowheads, Spears, and Buffalo Jumps by Lauri Travis


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  • 92 pages
  • Published in Montana
  • Paperback

Get your kids excited about our prehistoric era with Arrowheads, Spears, and Buffalo Jumps by Lauri Travis. Complimented by a range of beautiful illustrations by Eric Carlson, this book delves into what life was like on the Great Plains some 14,000 years ago. As the last Ice Age ended, hunter-gatherer tribes of the Rocky Mountain region scoured the area for berries, seeds, roots, and wild animals. Thanks to the hard work of archaeologists piecing together old campsites and tools, we can get a small glimpse into what life was like back then. This book is designed for young adult readers, where Travis first introduces us to what archaeology is and how these scientists are able to discover so much about a time so far gone.

Lauri Travis holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Utah. Currently residing in Helena, Montana, she leads a unique research seminar in the Big Belt Mountains every summer. She also works with evolutionary ecology and human adaptation. This book is published by Mountain Press Publishing Company based out of Missoula, Montana. They have been publishing Montana-centric and Rocky Mountain region books since 1948 with a focus on geology, natural history, and the history of the West. While they carry a wide range of books for adult readers, they also publish a selection for kids. And that's what you'll get from Arrowheads, Spears, and Buffalo Jumps by Lauri Travis.