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Assorted Snowman Sitters by Oak Street Wholesale


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  • Weighted bottom for sitting
  • Easy to dangle legs
  • Price is for a single snowman sitter. Please specify in your order if you want the snowman with a plain sweater, snowflake sweater, or patterned sweater. If your desired snowman is out of stock, one will be chosen for you.

Snowman decor is great around the holidays because you can leave it up even after Christmas is over! And one of these Assorted Snowman Sitters by Oak Street Wholesale will cozy up your home all winter long. Small but mighty, one of these little guys is just the right touch as a shelf sitter or maybe as a friendly little greeting in your entryway. How could you not smile every time you see this little face? Each one is dressed and ready for the cold winter weather ahead. Fur-lined hats, sweaters, and even scarves make these guys the ambassador of holiday cheer even during the coldest of days! We can only imagine how you will use these cuties to brighten up your home!

Oak Street Wholesale specializes in providing seasonal and holiday decor that just warms the heart. Since 2007, this family team has worked hard to gather together all sorts of unique decor pieces, allowing you to choose your favorites. There's something so special about decorating for the holidays. Unboxing all the heirloom decorations and adding new ones each year adds to the delight. You put up the tree, the kids help you hang all the ornaments from over the years, and Christmas cookies in the oven perfume the air, setting that happiest Christmas scene in your home. What's the final touch? Definitely an Assorted Snowman Sitter by Oak Street Wholesale!