Soup Mug by Demdaco (3 styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76360
  • Ceramic stoneware
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • 16 oz mug

Bring a piece of the wild into your daily routine with the Soup Mug by Demdaco! Made of durable stoneware, this stackable mug is wide enough for both soup and the hot beverages of your choice. Each design comes from Demdaco's Regional Living collection and is meant to inspire a delight in the wild outdoors. Whether it be tall, cascading pines, calm mountain lakes, or majestic hills and mountains, these mugs bring that sense of beauty to your eating and drinking rituals. Fill with your favorite Montana-made coffee or sip some local bone broth; the choice is yours! Purchase two of these nesting mugs for a great gift for the cozy couples in your life. 

Demdaco is a company with a goal to create home goods, accessories, and artful pieces that connect people to those special intimate moments in life. It is you and the people you love that create these moments.  Demdaco just wants to make them a little better. From that quiet cup of coffee on a misty morning to teaching a child to make a family recipe for that treasured soup and then sharing the fruits of your labor together, it all gets a little bit better when you indulge with one of these beautiful soup mugs. Demdaco has held onto that goal for over 25 years and continues to create pieces you can take comfort in. Celebrate life with a beautiful Soup Mug by Demdaco!