Autobiography of Red Cloud


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  • Approx. 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Paperback
  • Edited by R. Eli Paul

      Red Cloud was one of the only Native American leaders to win a war against the United States Army. He destroyed Captain William J. Fetterman’s command, closed the Bozeman Trail, and forced the United States into a peace conference. The Autobiography of Red Cloud is the personal account of Red Cloud’s early years. The Autobiography of Red Cloud was first told in the 1890s by Red Cloud to his white friend. However, the manuscript for Autobiography of Red Cloud was left at the Nebraska State Historical Society for decades. The contents of Autobiography of Red Cloud are based on the stories Red Cloud would tell his friend Sam Deon. Deon would tell the stories to Charles W. Allen who wrote them all down. After years of attempting to publish Autobiography of Red Cloud, it eventually faded into history. Now R. Eli Paul has gathered the stories from Cheif Red Cloud himself and has shared them in Autobiography of Red Cloud.