Seasons Tree Greeting Card by Quilling Card (4 Styles)


SKU: 73286


  • Approx. 6" x 6"
  • Hand-crafted
  • Blank Inside/Outside

Watching the seasons change in nature is always a beautiful experience. Commemorate each season with a handcrafted Seasons Tree Greeting Card by Quilling Card.  From the deep reds, shining yellows, and vibrant oranges of fall to the fresh and vibrant greens of spring, you can have a small piece of that beauty with you no matter the time of year! This quilled greeting card is a gorgeous image made from tons of tightly coiled strips of vibrant paper, which is an intense and laborious process to create. Amazingly, each card is indeed handmade by artists in Vietnam who are taught the art of quilling. From there, they are allowed to work from home and make as many cards at their own pace as they please, allowing them autonomy in their lives in a unique way that many industries over there do not allow. 

Quilling Card is a business founded on the desire to preserve a beautiful art form that began centuries ago. Huong Nguyen Wolf, founder of Quilling Card and a native of Vietnam, turned her passion for crafting into a full-fledged business at the beginning of 2011. Since then, Quilling Card has worked hard to design and produce this card artistry in both Massachusetts and Vietnam. Each card is handmade out of Fair Trade materials. And what better way to share the beautiful art form than with greeting cards? Over years of hard work, Quilling Card has grown beyond just greeting cards and is a premier source for preserving and sharing the beautiful art style. Celebrate each season all year round with a Seasons Tree Greeting Card by Quilling Card.