Bald Eagle Head and Feathers Cutout Earrings by Lynn Bean


Brand: Lynn Bean
SKU: 78830


  • Ear wires - surgical steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Designed in the USA

Nature's designs are a beautiful mystery. And that is certainly true with the iconic bald eagle. The bald eagle's head, in particular, is both powerful, stunning, and a work of art in itself. The Bald Eagle Head and Feathers Cutout Earrings by Lynn Bean make a statement. Put them on and wear them with beautiful confidence. 

Lynn Bean has been producing art for over forty years. Bean’s earrings are made by hand from her original artwork. She draws inspiration from wildlife and nature, as you will see represented in her work. Her brilliantly colored paintings capture the heart and soul of nature’s creatures. Those watercolors embossed on earrings with a copper sheen are especially stunning. Lynn's paintings and drawings are featured in national exhibits, galleries, gift shops, and well-known periodicals such as Horses in Art Magazine. Montana Gift Corral is thrilled to carry her work! For more nature-inspired jewelry, check out our full collection of Lynn Bean designs here!