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Bat Copper Adornment Bracelet by Momadic


Brand: Momadic
SKU: 71726


  • Wildlife Inspired
  • Handmade in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Made of Repurposed Copper and leather

Bats are the only mammal that are capable of continuous and sustained flight. That's pretty cool to think about. It's also pretty cool that Montana is home to more than 15 different species of bats! Who knew? Well if you happen to be a fan of bats, then this bracelet from Momadic is the perfect accessory for you. Made of genuine leather and copper this bracelet will wear very nicely on your wrist and can compliment most outfits. The bat cut out is the perfect way to show off your admiration of bats too!

Momadic is a company dedicated to providing customers with high quality products that are meant to last for years and years! The word "Momad" means a modern, so they make products designed to last for those people who like to travel frequently, and even still for the people that like to stay in one place. That's why we at the Montana Gift Corral like to carry their products, so we can support their efforts in providing you with high quality products!