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Bay Horse Bell by Belsnickel Enterprises


SKU: 17672


  • Hand-Painted Bay Horse Doorknob Hanger
  • Fits all standard doorknobs.
  • Beautiful Christmas Decorations

"No matter how old I am, I'm always going to want a pony for Christmas!" - Cowgirl Dirt

Calling all horse lovers! If you have been searching for a fun way to bring some holiday cheer into your western-inspired home, look no further than the Bay Horse Bell by Belsnickel Enterprises. This hand-painted doorknob hanger not only gives your home a sense of that joyful Christmas spirit but acts as a “Decorative Burglar Alarm”! All jokes aside, this bay horse doorknob hanger fits all standard doorknobs, and should undoubtedly be your first decor item this holiday season!

Belsnickel Enterprises is a company based in South Daytona, Florida. Plum full of Christmas cheer, the Belsnickel crew known as "the bell people" sure know how to do Christmas right. This company is passionate about crafting bells that are both decorative and functional. Belsnicklel jokes that their products are "decorative burglar alarms" and that when anybody touches your doorknob, you will immediately know that you've got company!

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