Bear and Cub Montana Magnet by Lantern Press


SKU: 45915


  • Made in USA
  • Size: 3.5" inches by 2.5" inches
  • Printed on Recycled Paper

As the sun sets on another long day, mama bear takes her cub down to the water's edge for a cool drink. Soon they will return to the forest to rest up for tomorrow. Above this frozen moment is the name of the great state of Montana along with its most popular nickname, letting everyone who sees it know how much fun you had on your westward trip. The Bear and Cub Montana Magnet by Lantern Press is a stunning keepsake to remind you of your time spent in Big Sky country. 

The Bear and Cub Montana Magnet comes to you from Lantern Press in Seattle, Washington. All of their images come from a collection of vintage photographs, advertising signs, fruit crate labels, travel posters and artwork. This magnet features a truly vintage moment and is made with care to honor the recycled nature of the design.