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Bear with Baby Figurine by Earthview, Inc.


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  • Made in Arizona
  • Ironwood is the only wood that won't float
  • Proceeds help families in rural Latin America

Looking for something unique to decorate your home? Look no further than an Ironwood carving like this Bear with Baby Figurine by Earthview, Inc. This unique piece is handcrafted in the United States. Carving from this wood began with the Seri Indians. In order to be carved, Ironwood needs to be exposed to the hot, dry climate of the desert. That's when the resins collect and harden inside of the wood, making it extra dense. The unique marbling is also a result of this process.

No new trees can be harvested for Ironwood carvings. It must all come from naturally fallen trees and it is prohibited by law to take green growth for carving. Earthview is an environmentally and ethically sound company, so you can take heart in owning a beautiful piece created by their artisans. This Bear with Baby Figurine shows the love and care of a mother, even in the wilds of the outdoors. This unique figurine would look perfect in your home!