Bearfoots 5 O'Clock Somewhere Figurine by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 56407


  • Size - 3.25" inches wide x 3.35" inches tall
  • Hand-cast Resin


After a long day of forest exploration, all this Bearfoots bear wants is a cocktail! And, in the now-legendary words of a famous duo of singers, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!" The Bearfoots 5 O'Clock Somewhere Figurine by Big Sky Carvers is the perfect way to let guests know that you fully support their enjoyment of adult beverages whenever they can. This Bearfoots piece is made of hand-cast resin and showcases your good sense of humor about your favorite alcoholic libations. So on those exta-stressful days, say a cheers to the Bearfoots 5 O'Clock Somehwere Figurine by Big Sky Carvers and sip your favorite drink!

Jeff Fleming is a Montanan local who enjoys spending quality time with his family while exploring our beautiful outdoors. Jeff took the inspiration from his outings and used it to help him create the whimsical Bearfoots Bears. Twenty-five years ago Big Sky Carvers partnered with Jeff Fleming to help bring his adorable bears to you. So you can enjoy your little piece of Montana, wherever you go.