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Kissin' Bears Bearfoots Figurine by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 58785


  • Measurements: 6" x 4"

  • Materials: Hand-cast

  • Made by Big Sky Carvers

Take a second to picture a room with these Kissin' bears. Imagine the memories these adorable bears can bring to your everyday life just by looking at them. Can't help but smile every time you see them? Whether looking to get a gift for that special someone in your life, or just buying an addition for your own household. This is a great piece for any environment or anyone in your life.

Bearfoots Kissin' Bears Figurine by Big Sky Carvers is made from hand-cast resign. You can never go wrong with a bears piece designed right here in Montana by Jeff Flemming. Two bears on a log paired with flowers and romance.

The Kissin' bears can "bearly" wait to be sitting on your shelf!