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Bearfoots Shy Bears by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 85790


  • Designed by Jeff Fleming
  • Measures 5" wide and 3 1/2" tall
  • Made of hand-cast resin

Don't be shy! These little Bearfoots Shy Bears by Jeff Fleming seem to have a bit of stage fright! They haven't let popularity go to their heads and prefer to stay snuggled in safe in the woods where it's quiet and cozy. But, they've ventured out just today to say hi to you! One carries a flower from a mountain meadow, but they're both still a little nervous. They cover their eyes and fold their hands sweetly, hoping that they can relax and enjoy their time out of the forest! Jeff Fleming, the Montana artist behind all of the Bearfoots figurines, has such a way of capturing the unique personality that has made these little bears so popular. 

Jeff Fleming is a unique Montana artist with many talents! He is most known for his chainsaw carvings, which he still designs and makes in his workshop near Kalispell, Montana. Deeply inspired by the wild outdoors that surrounds him, so much of his art is themed to capture the unique essence of the beauty of Montana. He's also dabbled in painting and has since taught his son the art of chainsaw carving, keeping that unique artistic flair in the family. We've been proud to carry the Bearfoots bears for 30 years so that people all across the world can expand their collections. We hope you love these Bearfoots Shy Bears by Jeff Fleming as much as we do!