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Ski Tumble Bearfoots Ornament by Jeff Fleming


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 43492


  • Designed by Jeff Fleming
  • Measures 2" wide and 3 1/2" tall
  • Handcast from resin

Time to hit the slopes! The Ski Tumble Bearfoots Ornament by Jeff Fleming is an adorable way to commemorate your favorite winter activity on the Christmas tree! This Bearfoots bear is quite the little risk-taker on the mountain. He went for the big slalom today, but he's not sure if he'll reach the bottom on both feet. At least he looks stylish in his nice green knitted hat, scarf, and matching gloves. This Bearfoots ornament is the creation of Montana artist Jeff Fleming. Lending his talent to designing all Bearfoots, these ornaments are a lovely way to add some of the wild outdoors to your Christmas tree.

If you know anything about the Bearfoots Bears collection, you know how loved it is. What began as just Jeff hand carving all of the pieces has since turned into an international sensation of collectibles. From Bearfoots figurines to Bearfoots kitchen utensils, you'll find all manner of little bear items to bring into your home. Many people who collect these friendly cuties are inspired by the beauty of the northwest, which black bears love to call home. And of course, we don't want you bringing a real black bear into your home, so a Bearfoots bear will just have to do! Decorate your tree with the Ski Tumble Bearfoots Ornament by Jeff Fleming this year!