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The Bridge Bearfoots Figurine by Jeff Fleming


SKU: 66743

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  • Materials: Hand-Cast Resin
  • Dimensions: 10¾" x 4"
  • Made by Big Sky Carvers
  • Designed by Jeff Fleming

Imagine coming home after a long day and glancing over at your counter top and looking at this adorable bridge scene of mother and cub sitting on a log. A very peaceful encounter combined with the aesthetically pleasing home decor addition that you or someone else might be very pleased to have this in your household.

Bearfoots The Bridge Figurine by Big Sky Carvers would make a great gift idea for someone who appreciates a fresh sight and gorgeous home decor. Artist Jeff Fleming made this with bridging connections in mind, whether between mother and cub or the situation you're in let the bridge be strong and everlasting.