Bedside Book of Bad Girls by Michael Rutter


SKU: 53859
  • 144 pages
  • 21 stories of wild west women
  • Includes 42 historical photographs
  • Covers serial killers, bank robbers, gold thieves, and more

“Kate seated her guest with his back to the curtain and fed the hungry man … At some point after the dinner, York leaned his head back against the canvas divider. Waiting behind the screen, Pa and Junior sprang into action, bashing the doctor's skull with a pair of heavy mallets. If the blows weren't enough to kill the doctor, Kate took care of that.”

-from the first chapter, "Serial Killers: Harpies Most Horrible"

Featuring the biographies of ‘bad girls’ from Calamity Jane to Belle Star and many other ladies who’d as soon shot and rob you as look at you, this book sheds light on these fascinating female characters and the larger truth of the American West. Drawing on fact as well as folklore, historian Michael Rutter works to set the record straight on these figures and events which are so often shrouded in fabrication and fantasy. So step into the past and meet these infamous wild west outlaws wearing their pistols as well as their petticoats.

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