Beige Moose Hooked Pillow by Chandler 4 Corners


SKU: 59072


  • 8" x 24"
  • Made with wool & velveteen backing
  • Designed in the US

A decorative pillow can make or break the cohesion of a room! Well, it's not that serious, but it's always great to have a stylish pillow! The Beige Moose Hooked Pillow by Chandler 4 Corners brings some rustic symmetry to your home! Featuring two moose with highlighted horns, this beige pillow brings just the right amount of pop to your home and pairs nicely with dark rich colors. The soft hooked wool used to create its abstract imagery is soft to the touch, making this just a great pillow to hold too!

Based out of Manchester Center, Vermont, Chandler 4 Corners started in 1992 by the Chandler brothers were the first to introduce hand-hooked wool pillows to a national market. By bringing their stunning craftsmanship and artistry to your home, you are also bringing a decorative pillow that is natural, durable, and sustainable! Mold and fire resistant, non-allergenic, and biodegradable, the materials chosen for their pillows are sure to last a lifetime!

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