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Belle Bison with Montana Bandana


SKU: 63188


  • Approx. 12" x 8.5"
  • Made of polyester
  • Designed in Montana

Find bison roaming all over Montana! Did you recently take a trip to Yellowstone and what to remember your fun time there? The Belle Bison with Montana Bandana is a great cuddly souvenir! Did you know the park is also the only place in the world where wild American plains bison can be witnessed in large, free-roaming herds? Yellowstone is the only place where wild bison have continuously lived since prehistoric times and their historic, ecological, and cultural significance is unparalleled in the region! 

The Hamilton Group, a company based here in Montana, proudly crafts a variety of souvenirs out of its location in Missoula. Known for producing souvenirs throughout the Rocky Mountain region for different locations, this brand is highly esteemed for its products of top-tier quality! Whether you are searching for a Montana-inspired souvenir or the perfect gift for your loved ones, The Hamilton Group has what you need. 

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