Better Be Good Santa Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 81215


  • Hand Painted Glass Ornaments
  • 4" Diameter
  • Hand-Painted by Donna Race

Tis' the season to begin collecting beautiful Christmas ornaments. When it comes to choosing ornaments that truly light up a room, make sure to check out our selection of glass ornaments from Inner Beauty. The Better Be Good Santa Ornament by Inner Beauty features a traditional Santa motif, and is sure to pick you into that jolly Christmas spirit! Beautifully packaged in a satin-lined, suede gift box, not only will this beautiful ornament perfectly adorn your holiday tree, but will make for the perfect gift for any Christmas lover.

Inner Beauty, a popular gift store, is known for its incredibly unique ornament-making techniques. Each Inner Beauty ornament is intricately hand-painted from the inside out. This technique is time-consuming but reveals an incredibly detailed design once finished. In addition, all glass ornaments from Inner Beauty are mouth-blown! With a gold adjustable cord & tassel, your ornament hanging experience will be second to none. 

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