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Beveled Glass Magnet by Sunnie Lane


SKU: 81716


  • Size: 2" inches by 2" inches
  • Copper Trim
  • Made in USA

Fresh flowers are always a special treat. They liven up any space, they smell really good and the colors can brighten up anyones day! The downside to flowers is they don't last. We really wish we could make your fresh bouquet last a lifetime, but we haven't figured that out yet. In the meantime, why not make use of flower pressing. With the pressing of flowers, you get to keep and admire your flowers forever. Incased in glass and pressed flat, these flowers are made to last. We love the copper trim used to close the glass incasing. The best part is it is a magnet, so you can hang it on your fridge and admire it every day! With the Beveled Glass Magnet by Sunnie Lane, you can beautify your space with flowers made to last.

Sunnie Lane began pressing flowers in 1990. She was perfecting the flower pressed bookmark. As they grew in popularity, the realized they need more flowers! Growing space for their flowers in Arizona and Utah, Sunnie Lane began to expand the way they pressed their flowers. Now they make magnets, jewelry, and more! Starting with Grandma's knowledge of flower pressing, Sunnie Lane really became a wonderful company that combines beautiful fresh pressed flowers with tradition inspired techniques.