Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams: Montana Women's Stories


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  • Paperback
  • Approx 6" x 9"
  • Edited by Martha Kohl

     "Ruth Garfield was a ranching wife. Her husband had just been elected to a second term as sheriff of newly created Golden Valley County in 1920 when he was fatally shot. Mrs. Garfield set aside her grief to assist the community and serve out her husband's term. She was Montana's first female sheriff."

     If you are tired of hearing about the great deeds in history that all seem to be accomplished by men, then Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams: Montana Women's Stories is the perfect book for you. The Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams: Montana Women's Stories is three-hundred pages dedicated to stories of Montana's women as a part of the Montana Historical Society's Women's History Matters project. Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams is a collection of stories from several different authors including Annie Hanshew, Laura Ferguson, Ellen Baumler, Mary Murphy, and Martha Kohl. From 19th Century Indigenous women warriors to women's rights activists to bootleggers to the darker side of history's KKK members, Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams has it all. Beyond Schoolmarms and Madams is one of the most complete and well-organized collections of women's contribution to history in Montana!