Bird Wall Art by Dean Crouser (11 Designs)


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  • Features artwork from Dean Crouser
  • Materials: canvas, solid wood, wood composite, brass
  • Hanger style: sawtooth

Beautiful, graceful, and a symbol that sings to our hearts. Birds are creatures that have captivated humans for centuries. And with their lovely songs, otherworldly cries, and brilliant plumage, it's not hard to understand why. Dean Crouser captures the enchanting nature of birds in his beautiful Bird Wall Art. From vibrant hummingbirds that flutter about gardens to raptorial owls that glide silently in the night. Family, friends, and strangers alike will be enraptured by the Bird Wall Art by Dean Crouser. If you are looking for more than just birds check out the Wildlife Wall Art by Dean Crouser. 

Dean Crouser is a native to the Pacific Northwest and an outdoor enthusiast. He uses his time exploring the wonderful wilderness to get inspiration for his breath-taking watercolor paintings. Each is full of vibrant color with an almost life-like quality. Dean is "always striving to say the most with the least and likes to keep his work loose and spontaneous." Dean partnered with Big Sky Carvers to help spread his art beyond just the Pacific Northwest, so you can enjoy the beauty of it wherever you go.