Bird Watercolor Greeting Cards by Dean Crouser (47 Styles)


SKU: 72418


  • Approx. 5" x 7"
  • Features original art from Dean Crouser
  • Made in Oregon
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We wanted to write home about the Bird Watercolor Greeting Cards by Dean Crouser because of how beautiful they are. The Dean Crouser greeting cards feature different birds you can find across the country. From the majestic owl to the adorable little hummingbird, you'll be able to find a card design that showcases your favorite beautiful bird. Each card is blank inside, which means you get to customize and personalize the message however you'd like! Combining your sweet message with the unique style of Dean Crouser's artwork will surely impress whoever you give this card to.

Dean Crouser is a Northwest native who loves to explore the wonders of the great outdoors. Growing up in Oregon, he was able to fall in love with hunting, camping, and fishing in the region and continued those explorations with his family as he got married and had children. He captures the beauty and awe of nature in his unique renditions and tries to show the simplicity of nature in a new and exciting way. He describes his art style as loose and free, never really planning where the process will take him, but letting the image develop as the paint flows from the brush. Finish off the perfect gift with the perfect card from these Bird Watercolor Greeting Cards by Dean Crouser!