Bison Biscuit Cookie Mix by Montana Bounty Foods


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  • Hand Made
  • Montana Made
  • Delicious recipe

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Let the buffalo roam in your home! The Bison Biscuit Cookie Mix is the beginning of a plate full of delicious buffalo-shaped sugar cookies that will really bring the herd in for snack time. All you need to add to the dry mix is, butter and sugar and you're on your way to a sweet sensation. The Bison Biscuit Cookie Mix comes with its own bison-shaped cookie cutter. This gourmet food from our gourmet mixes are available in a 25oz. cloth pouches with the cookie cutter tied to the top, almost like a bow.

Montana Bounty Foods knows how to make food that makes your taste buds sing! This family of Montanans, run a bed and breakfast on their ranch in northern Montana and they provide their guest with amazing recipes for their dining and on trail adventures. They love to make sure their guests are satisfied wherever they are, whether that be under the roof of their bed and breakfast, or clear across the other side of the state.