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Black and Gold MOVA Globe


SKU: 82072


  •  Measures 6" D
  • Turns using ambient light
  • Free of cords & Batteries

When creating that perfect, cohesive, and sophisticated office space, the details make a difference. Choosing the perfect office decor elements is essential to curating a space that you feel comfortable in and inspired by! If you are looking for the finishing touch that will tie everything together, make sure to pick up the Black and Gold MOVA Globe. Measuring 6" in diameter, this unique globe is powered by ambient light. Free of unattractive cords and batteries, this world globe will surely become a statement piece in your home!

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are huge fans of MOVA Globe. Based in the United States, this company is highly esteemed for its innovative spinning globes that are fully powered by ambient lighting and torque from the earth's magnetic field. From planets within our solar system to sports, or even iconic works of art, MOVA globe offers an array of beautiful globe designs that will fit right into your space. 

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