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Black Bear on Red Pillow by Chandler 4 Corners


SKU: 66348


  • 8" x 12"
  • Hooked Wool and Velveteen backing
  • Designed in the US

Have you ever seen a black bear roaming around in the wild? Did you fall in love with how cute they are because we sure did! Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are obsessed with bears! So much so, that whenever we see a great bear-themed product, we just have to share it. The Black Bear on Red Pillow by Chandler 4 Corners is made from hand hooked wool that is soft to the touch and makes a great accent pillow to any bedroom or living room! 

Based in Manchester Center, Vermont, Chandler 4 Corners started in 1992 by the Chandler brothers who were the first to introduce hand-hooked wool pillows to a national market. The stunning craftsmanship and design of each pillow elevates the welcoming nature of any home! The best thing about every Chandler 4 Corners pillow is that each one is natural, durable, and sustainable! Mold and fire resistant, non-allergenic, and biodegradable, the materials chosen for their pillows are sure to last a lifetime! You gotta love it!

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