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Black Bear Pillow


SKU: 66333

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  • Made in America
  • 18" by 18"
  • 100% wool pillow face

When you visit Montana it is always exciting when you see a black bear from a distances, of course. If the black bear is in the meadows of Montana then you will have all the wonderful flowers surrounding the big bear. Don't worry if you have not seen the black bear in the meadows because we have the Black Bear Pillow for you. The colorful pillow has a beautiful embroidery around the black bear that includes some wildflowers and pinecones.

Chandler 4 Corners makes all their products in America to give you a trusted product. The Black Bear Pillow will give you some color to your decor at your home no matter where the pillow goes.

The pillow will add just the perfect amount of wildlife to your home.