Black Bear Pot Holder by Kinara Fine Weavings


SKU: 67046


  • Measures approx. 7" x 9"
  • Made in India
  • 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester

For those of you who are searching for the perfect product to add a touch of southwestern decor to your home, pick up the Black Bear Pot Holder by Kinara Fine Weavings! This rustic pot holder is exactly what you need to add some wildlife-inspired flair to your space! Potholders are absolutely essential in anyone kitchen. Whip these handy kitchen accessories to protect your hands and surfaces from the piping hot temperature of recently used pots and pans! 

Kinara Fine Weavings is a brand that is committed to preserving traditional art weaving. Each product from Kinara is hand-weaved with intricate attention to detail. The rich colors of thread used to create these weavings give Kinara its signature, recognizable look!The Black Bear Pot Holder by Kinara Fine Weavings is sure to impress!

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