Blush Moose Chuckagigi Youth Montana T-Shirt by Lakeshirts


Brand: Lakeshirts
SKU: 73586


  • Sizes XS-L
  • Youth Sizing
  • Wildlife Inspired Design

Montana is a hub for adventure. Whether you are simply taking a stroll through Downtown Bozeman, or are hiking up to one of our many mountain peaks, make sure that you AND your kiddos are wearing a fun Montana t-shirt. For the youngsters specifically, we have been loving the Blush Moose Chuckagigi Youth Montana T-Shirt by Lakeshirts. Featuring a fun Montana-inspired moose design, we are sure that any child will be overjoyed to have this wonderful design within reach. Available in sizes XS-L, you can get this fun t-shirt for your kiddos no matter their age. 

Since 1984, Lakeshirts has been passionate about designing and crafting articles of clothing for the entire family. What once started out as a small business that ran out of a basement, has now grown to employ almost 700 team members in a 305,000 sq ft production and warehouse facility. While this company is now much bigger, it is still committed to providing the best quality of products to its clients!

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